Fragmented Space:

Throughout lockdown with the limitations of movement outside a 5k radius I concentrated my walks around the many business parks in my immediate area. I was struck by the multitude of new office builds, some that have never been finished, some vacated due to the pandemic and some that lie pristine in their completed forms, yet have never been occupied. I passed miles of construction hoardings hiding the foundations of unstable future projects.

Office spaces around the country have been left empty for months as a result of lockdowns caused by the virus, and it has become surprising how quickly people have adapted to working from home, and how effectively technologies for videoconferencing and other forms of digital collaboration were adopted. In this virtual working world, what will the future post-covid office park become? These spaces are in flux. They are fragmenting.

I decided to photograph the office blocks from the various business parks first and then I photographed the hoardings themselves, the ones that had become worn and distressed. I experimented with these images and chose to make composites. I wanted the images to appear otherworldly, unknown, not as they seem. 

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